Funny how thoughts fade away

Sometimes it dawns on you that a once regular thought has not been on your mind for some time. Yet until you come to that realisation you think your thinking has been constant. The subtle effects of medication?

Regular or mundane? I know I don’t contemplate where elves dragons and dwarves magic etc etc went since I’ve been on meds… My focus isn’t as sharp as it was though. But that might just be old age and years of bad mental health.

Persistent. I would say more than mundane.

Human nature I think. People live in the stream of their thoughts, but most don’t have the habit of doing analysis of the stream itself, much less retain a memory of the contents of the thought stream over weeks or months. It’s not a skill that’s very useful for the masses, although for people with mh issues it is. So great that you notice this thought has gone missing, maybe the underlying drive causing it has changed? Do you find maybe you don’t care so much anymore?

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I would say yes.

…i was going to say something but…bingo…gone !?!.. :scream:
take care :alien: