Funny how mental distress takes a back seat to physical pain?

I slipped on the ice on Friday. Been in pain threw my back out. Started yesterday and now the last thing on my mind is mental health issues. But, sure enough, when I feel better I’ll worrying again. Same for you? Stay off the ice people! desimb

Sorry about your back. Hope it gets better soon.

Here’s a funny video about a father waiting for his daughter to get out of school and watching kids slipping on ice that might make you smile a little. :smile:

I think its an annoying human nature to always need something. I may feel like the only thing I need to do is go to the bathroom. Then I go and all of a sudden I need to eat. Then I eat and all of a sudden I need to smoke. Then I smoke and all of a sudden I am bored. So I do something. etc. etc. Or all I need is to buy this one thing. Then I buy it and all I need to do is buy this one more thing, etc.etc. Or overcame that one though buy convincing myself to enjoy being cheap.

hope your back gets better soon, i get a lot of pain in my lower back, you are right it distracts the mind from the mental pain, but i prefer mental pain.
take care

Really? The symptoms are acting up I think I’ll dive off my balcony to get some relief. Lol.

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