Funny Family Misunderstanding

I told my young daughter (jokingly)…

“You’re just upset right now because you’re a tortured artist!”

My wife misheard what I said and yelled out…

“How dare you! Your daughter is NOT a tortured arse!!”

Then my little girl ran upstairs crying while the other one couldn’t stop laughing! :slight_smile:



My wife is French and quite often things in the past have gotten lost in the translation.

When we first started dating, she looked at me sternly once and said…

“Patrick! You should never kick a gifted horse in the mouth!” lol!

(Of course what she meant was, "Never look a gift horse in the mouth)

There’s been many more! :slight_smile:

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It is fun to have some adventure at home.

I speak four broken languages. None perfectly. I make a lot of mistakes both in English and French, but I get by!

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I misread the title as, “Funny Family Masturbating” and I lol’d.


Sounds illegal lol

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