Funny evolution in Finland

There is a new Prime Minister, who is so called ‘American boy’ and he speaks something on one day and something else on another day. Recently he said that there are no cuts in the society and today he came and said that there will be one billion euro cuts. He is a typical double-talker, diablo, ‘piru’ in Finnish, but he has received his education in America and England. I call him as ‘an American boy’ trying to model Finland’s future economy in the American way. While they do these cuts, there will be fewer psychiatric institutions and prisons and so more and more strange people are in the streets doing crazy things as it can be read daily how there are almost daily shooting and killings. My view is that the society is going to the hell unfortunately. I am very pessimistic.

Just yesterday I wrote how the economy in Finland is going bad, today the Finance Minister came and said similar words. It would be the first time when a paranoid schizophrenic person would become a Finance Minister of any nation. :smile: