Funny conversation with mum

Mum: when we were kids, we didn’t have paper napkins…because we were poor!
Me: then what’d you have?
Mum: a dish towel, that we passed around the table
Me: oh that was an investment, but cheaper in the long run
Mum: yeah it made me angry…well I wasn’t “ANGRY”, but in retrospect it made me angry
Me: well it’s ok though, because you persevered, and got a good enough education to be able to use the word “retrospect” freely in conversation
Mum: :slight_smile:


My boss did that, too! We had cloth napkins, my mom washed them after every use.

My niece and nephew had cloth diapers, too! My mom raised us to be frugal.

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Interesting…my convo continued to the tune of

My mom saying she was never encouraged to get an education, her dad said not to get a post high school degree

My mom grew up on Arthur avenue in the Bronx

Her dad was a self educated engineer/full time horse racing gambler

My mom became a rockette when she turned 18 and used that money towards an education

She has a masters in dance therapy from Pratt institute…worked in hospitals for years then met my dad in her late 30s and the rest is history!

Cloth diapers sounds weird!

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A Rockette, wow!

They’re ridiculously cute, I was shocked.

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Yeah she did it for five years

She went to a reunion last week

It’s a big lifestyle thing/thing she’s very proud of

Has tons of pictures of her rockette days around the house

It’s cool to me, my moms almost a celebrity, minus the everybody knowing her name part thing :wink:

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You’re Mom kicks A$$!!..


Hahahaha lolllll!!

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