Funny and or interesting things you did whilst psychotic

I have that, see above, that’s caused by inappropriate emotions, its a symptom of sz.

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I thought a friendly spirit had possessed the next customer whilst I was working at the cash point til. They wanted me to chuck their products on the surface once I scanned them and I did and laughed . Pretty strange…

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I wrote a cross at the end of my exams in university. I thought I was a prophet. Funny thing is that I got good grades but the teacher wrote question marks next to the cross lol


I thought I was a prophet too well one in the making


I was doing the cross sign in class before my exams lol


Man some of you have done really interesting things. Thanks for sharing

I never have! My most interesting things are really mundane. I have a memory of finding a message to myself that I really don’t remember writing being all pep talky and “you’re the best bro”. Kinda cringe.

Or writing really complex passwords which seem really clever at the time, but after a few days I would completely forget what they were.

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Some of the things I said here aren’t known not even by my parents, I feel comfortable to say them here but feel embarrassed in real life.

And thats when you became… the spiderpig

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The man the myth the legend :sunglasses:

I had inappropriate emotions during the time I was on Abilify.
This happened to me a few times.

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I had it before my sz and while on Abilify.
Now its much less with other meds but maybe because I don’t go outside my house anymore.
I still laugh sometimes about not funny things at home and my family tells me its not funny.

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I ran around my backyard naked to “commune” with the invisible people who were part of another dimension that was in the process of breaking through into ours. (I want to edit that I did this so they would know humans were friendly. In my mind I was protecting us and allowing the two worlds to live in peace)

Cut a hole in my ceiling because I was convinced the whole house had bugs filling all of the walls and I got to the point that I just had to know for sure. I could hear them crawling. Nothing came out of the hole, thankfully.

I spent many weeks trying to get someone to agree that they could see the people staring at us from the neighbor’s windows. They never said they could but I asked anyone who came over. Then one day there were no longer people in the windows and I realized they’d never been there.

That’s all I remember right now.

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I have seen people walking and running nude in mental hospital corridors. I don’t know why schizophrenia does this. I was nude with my psychiatrist. I removed my pants and boxers when I was with him in the room, I thought my genitals were the cause of my disease and that I should show them to him. He gently said to put back my boxers and pants on. I am pretty sure its not the first time he’ve seen this as there was people walking nude in my mental hospital.


Security guards forced them to put back their cloths on.

This happened to me too. Both times I was in a locked ward there were at least one or two ladies who kept on stripping off their clothes and the nurses and security guards kept on having to get them to dress. Strange!

I thought I had lazer eyes and could make chips in paintwork

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It’s what I didn’t do. In the hospital I was alone with the prettiest girl there and she was snuggled on my lap dressed only in one of those cheap hospital gowns. I didn’t do a damn thing and I’ll never know why and I would be surprised if another opportunity that good comes up.

I went on a trip to Mecca on foot with no money. Just headed East. Got through 3 states by walking and people who gave me rides until I got put picked up by police and put in a hospital in Ohio. Thing is, I wasn’t even Muslim before I had Schizophrenia, and am not now since I’m medicated.

I would only drink rain water because I thought tap water and bottled beverages were poisoned. I wouldnt take a shower for the same reason. When it rained, I would collect the water in containers and then boil it for drinking water.

I would also only eat certain foods because I thought most food was poisoned. I remember going into a store and picking random numbers then counting out that number of items in the store so I would have a random item so “they” couldnt predict what I was going to get and poison it.

I once broke a window with a chair in a hospital psych ward trying to get out. Then threw a coffee mug at a doctor. Got sent to jail for that one.

I have lots of incidents I could include but I’m getting too tired to brainstorm.

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