Funniest side effect

So I hear a lot of stories of how people with sz have actually done some rather hilarious and sometimes amazing things thought it might be nice to make a place to share these and shows its not all doom and gloom even though these things aren’t a good thing
My two personal experiences with amusing results where

  1. I used to see dogs and cats a lot of the time and one time convinced myself that the cat in the bond film (like the iconic movie villain cat) was the cat I saw so when in conversation with someone who bought up the bond movie blurted out “that was my cat they used” mum then had to explain, she found it funny though!
  2. In school one time I decided that the projectors where filming students resulted in several weeks of me trying to sit not in front of the board and falling to make notes cause I didn’t want to look at it, the grand finally; me and a friend who didn’t know I had this belief going round school changing the alignment on all the projectors so for the rest of the lessons teachers kept tapping in the wrong place or writing all weird when they tried to use the board

There was a peanut allergy warning sign on our Psych Ward floor…

It was the picture of a peanut with a line crossed through it. The sign read, “No Nuts Allowed”.

I took offense to that thinking someone put that sign up to make fun of me…like I was a ‘nut’ and not allowed on that wing of the Hospital.

I remember running my thumb along the sides of the sign. I wanted to see how much dust there was, or if it had been freshly put up to mock me.

Crazy, but funny at the same time I suppose.


me and my friend (both schizophrenic) made toast at night for everyone on the ward until we set fire to the toaster and the fire alarm went off because of the smoke.

I had this naturopath doctor give me a food sensitivity test years ago.

When he told me I was allergic to mushrooms my voices were like “he’s lying! Call him out on it”

So I just started asking the doc why I’m allergic to those and that doesn’t make any sense and the doctor was getting all flustered lol

And after I got my test back with all the allergies my voices went through the whole test with me and told me to cross off various ones saying it was false information.

So it goes so it goes


When I was on Depakote my friend took me to a Nascar race. I wandered off to the parking lot and it was cold so I set fire to a trash can. I thought I was in India, and thought I was speaking another language. My friend eventually found me and got me on the bus back home.

Lots of stuff. One time I anointed myself with “holy oil” (it was olive oil from Costco) and it still makes my eyes sting occasionally.

I felt the same way about Papa John’s Pizza. I thought they had put it there to mock me.

No nuts haha! We used to joke that my last school which was both all girls and had people with peanut allergies was “a nut free” school but I never linked it to me

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Funniest side effect?

How about Anal atresia?

From my Effexor I recently got prescribed to, after a stay at a inpatient.

There are literally hundreds of side effects from each drug you take, not just “fluffy funny stories” you like to tell on forums.

I once thought I had found a prehistoric tar pit out in the forest behind my parents house…spent days out there digging it up…brought my specimens of tar home…photographed them and sent them to a team with the local university just to realize I’d been only very interested in where someone at some point had merely dumped some asphalt :grimacing:

Prehistoric tar pit…

I also used to hear a horse come whinnying down the road where there was no horse…asked my brother if he heard the horse…no horse.

Oh…side effect…okay. Have some stories but no…not funny. Ruined my life is what. Tell your doctor if anythings going on he’ll understand…and…ruin your life is what.

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Not quite sure what a far pit is but Hey at least you were doing exercise digging up the whole garden
And yes there are some very serious parts of this illness but I just thought it might be nice to share some of the lighter things and see if anyone has had similar experiences, didn’t mean to offend

I remember when I thought there were satellite cameras on me from the sky and 6 billion people were watching and laughing at me…

I drove to a gas station called “Mr. Gas”…I put 10 dollars in the tank. Then I raised my arms to the sky as if to say, “I know…I know…I’m a Gas aren’t I? I’m Mr. Gas!! But look! I’m a perfect 10… so screw all of you!!”

Then I drove next door to the Chapters Book Store…parked in front of the main doors…got out and started waving my arms to the sky as in…"I don’t want a book to be written about me!! F*ck off!!!

People from all around were watching me and laughing, but I thought they were all in on the big joke and mocking me like the people on the cameras were.

THEN I drove to the Movie Theater and parked out front of the main steps and did the same arms and hands flailing at the sky. There were dozens of people all around me laughing, but I thought they were all actors in the giant play against me.

Then I had a high speed chase home in the car on the highway…reading meanings into all of the licence plates around me…and giving the finger to all of the passengers in their cars.

Funny/weird/ tragic all at the same time I suppose. And that was just ONE of my manic episodes. There were 5 relapses in total with even crazier antics on my part if you can believe that.

Once I picked flowers in my boxers because I thought that was what God told me to do…thank God He didn’t tell me to strip entirely or I would have done it.

I believe it. I had 4 similar episodes but leaning on the bizarre religious quest side of things. Seriots adventure quests happened. They even happened when I was on vacation on thailand.