Funerals while Covid persists

If my mom in law dies will there be a funeral? She’s on life support now. What happens when she dies?

My cousin’s grandpa died of covid. They had a small service with only 10 people behind masks.


I think I saw something on the news where funerals are now done with protective gear and limited visitors.

Does she have covid?

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My father died in April. We were allowed to have a small graveside service (10 people max) standing so many feet apart with masks. It was less than 10 minutes long.

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Yeah. She has Covid. She’s not breathing on her own. Her husband has to make a decision in the next few days


Damn. I’m so sorry.

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Thanks guys. She’s actually my ex mother in law. But she was nice to me and my daughter.


Is it true that they are cremating ppl who died from covid instead of burrying them? I think that was in Italy when there was too much covid deaths.

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I have no idea about that

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They were considering mass burials because you can’t really ramp up cremations. It takes so long to dispose of a body in that manner and facilities for that are limited.

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The funerals around here all can’t have more than 10 people in attendance. Most are being streamed for others to watch at home. It is definitely a difficult time.

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