Functioning psychosis, does that mean reality/normality?

Everybody gets psychotic once and a while but once you start to manage it or start to balance it are you considered normal like everybody else?

Idk I feel what I think is an ideal reality but I am having problems with lack of motivation and I haven’t laughed at anything real lately probably because I have been trapped inside my house for a long time…

(I’m still on meds)

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If I don’t tell anyone about my illness then they don’t know. So I guess people assume I’m normal.


There is no such thing as normal. There is only functional, and dysfunctional.

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Thank you Anna! Cool :slight_smile:

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I am quite normal on the outside,if you know me well I am a reserve guy…I don’t laugh at a lot of things too,I still laugh though if it’s really funny.I have kept my psychosis at bay for sometime now and hopefully continue to do it