Functioning in society

I’m also concerned with my Career and actually thinking about SS disability. I’ve been with my job 5 years but in this department only 2. My job is def demanding and stressful (I work in Social Services) Sometimes everyday life is to much for me… It seems I can not function in society as smoothly as every one else. I am in no way making excuses for myself. I have come to terms that I have a serious illness that hinders me and I have completely come to terms with that.
I’m not giving up on my career or at least I dnt look at it that way. More like weighing out my options to secure a better outcome for me and mine.
Ive been told it’s normal (I use this for lack of better words, Hell whose to say what is actually normal) to feel discouraged. Maybe it is time to reconsider my career but most importantly I don’t want to make a permanent decision while in a temporary situation. Any one been here ?


Have you spoken to your boss to make some adjustments for you at work? Maybe flexible hours, some support in terms of access to counsellor when you need it? I am about just to hopefully finish my uni. I have had many doubts if there is any sense in that as my placements seemed extremely stressful. What gives me hope, once I revealed my illness to the supervisors and my struggles, they were very supportive. It gave me the sense of safety which I desperately needed that I will not be turned away if having difficulties. I am hoping for having such luxury at work if I get one. At the same time I bear in mind I am not cut to work in every environment, where the stress is above my tolerance despite the given support. At least not at the moment. You know yourself the best. Therefore make the decision which suits you and your health the most. Work in social services is extremely stressful, I have heard, for anyone, even the “toughest ones”. Maybe then think about some career change? Difficult to say.


@MissPrissy352 there are many things you can do to manage stress at work like 1. Make lists of the things you have to do 2. Try not to rush. 3 keep your emails well organized in folders. 4 review your own work as if you were the boss before handing it in. 5 time how long it takes to do something and try to improve on that.

What I’m getting at is ways to work more effectively so you end up with less stress. I know about stressful jobs and sometimes you can do all that stuff and there’s still a lot of stress, but being organized and efficient helps a lot.


I am working at a restaurant and it’s too stressful for me. I have to interact with too many people constantly. Recently I’ve been considering careers related to computers where I’d mainly work alone.

Also, if it helps, I’m also on ss disability. You can work and make up to around 1000 dollars a month in my state, at least. I think it’s like that in a lot of places. It takes some pressure off of your income and really helps. I didn’t even want to apply for disability initially, but my therapist and mom convinced me to. It was a good decision ultimately.


I applied for disability 9 years ago, shortly after being hospitalized for a psychotic break. I got shat on by nearly everyone I knew. My sister was the only one who was supportive. Everyone else thought it was all ■■■■■■■■, that there was no reason a mental illness should stop me from working. Some compassion. I ended up withdrawing my application before I could even get the initial decision, due to my dad forcing me to go back to work (even though I wasn’t ready), after moving in with him following my wife kicking me out and ending our marriage. The whole disability application was one of her major gripes with me. I never viewed SSDI to be a permanent solution, just hoped I would get it for while I recovered, which took years.

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Yes organization is extremely helpful. However sometimes the smallest thing , (maybe dropping a pen, or traffic jam with tonmany cats around me , a crazy driver, which sounds silly ) triggers me and throws my whole day completely day off. So I’m in a terrible mood stuck here at my desk with my mind telling me the people around me are talking about me.

How long did it take to get approved ?

Repeat : I cannot control other people I can only control myself…

Couple of months

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Also, don’t give up when they inevitably decline your application. This happens to pretty much everyone. You will have to file an appeal and fill out lots of paperwork. Then, you will most likely get accepted.