Functional Thinking rather than Chronological Thinking

Hey, I learned this Functional Resume and Chronological Resume when applying for jobs.

Functional Resume is suitable for those who have employment gaps.
Chronological Resume is more popular among interviewers.

Now, I think, as a sufferer of schizophrenia, my thinking model is somewhat close to Functional Thinking because of fragmented memories, partial abilities and incomplete identities.

As for a normal person, his/her thinking model would be Chronological Thinking because of complete memory chain, full abilities and intact identities.

Well, I do not entertain my delusion or hallucination (I have to be cautious about these), but sometimes I just need to “expose my discovery” or finding in this area for the sake of my ill mind. (Not sure why, though)

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Did you come up with these because you’ve read some of the better stuff on the nature of sz? All three of them fit precisely into the models described by many of the leading experts since Freud’s and Janet’s day 100-120 years ago… and are bedrock for those from the current day “traumatology” perspective, including…

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See also:

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Wow, I never thought about its relation with Freud’s and Janet’s studies. What a coincidence!
These are solely my collective experience from myself and other fellow schizophrenics.
I did not know the exact words, but I just thought all the mind involves are memory, ability and identity.


I belive I have functional thinking. I mess up the chronology of every day life. I don’t remember what day it is or was when something happened.