Fun question

If someone paid you for your attention would you?

Like here watch this video, like this page, review this item.

  • Yes
  • No
  • What in tarnation?

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That’ll be $100 bucks thanks, if you want me to vote on your poll! :smiley:


Sometime over a decade ago I found something online that paid people for watching movie trailers. I watched some trailers but got tired of it so I stopped and never got paid.

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I remember once a brand of smoke was distributed for free and give them a review of it, weird…

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I said no for no other reason then I just probably wouldn’t do it.

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I would not mind being paid to give my opinion (e.g. honest review).
I would absolutely refuse being paid to give their opinion, as if it was mine (e.g. like something just because i was paid).


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