Fun Coping Mechanisms!

I find satisfaction in giving myself memories. When I remember them months later, they feel like delusions. But, they are true memories. I had my mom play along and put me in a bubble. When remembering, I could see the bubble, but during the instance I could not. I reached out and popped it, so she put it out of reach, just to make sure I was always in her bubble. I’ll always have this memory. But I’ll tell you, when remembering it it just felt like a delusion… but it really did happen!

Sometimes I’ll pretend like something just happened and remember it later as if it did happen. I started doing this when things were the worst for me, when I felt like terrible things were happening that I couldn’t remember short term but I could remember long term. I’d “remember” spontaneously dancing with coworkers, driving 120mph down the highway, lifting cars over my head, and so on. If the MIB were coming into my house and putting me in a trance to abuse my psychic abilities, then I sure as hell lifted that ford over my head. Obviously neither happened, and I know that now, but it truly was therapy. Helped me realize what delusions were in the first place. Besides, if I did have psychic abilities and the MIB was using me for information, all they’d get was football scores and Super Bowl predictions.

When mind reading felt real, I’d really give them a piece of my mind, if you know what I mean. Always put a big smile on my face, I’d talk to them for hours telling them off. Felt great then, feels great now. On the contrary, I’d tell people what was great about them and what I adored about their person.

I like to pretend that my medication will make me feel euphoric. The placebo affect works once in awhile.

When listening to music, instead of the ol’ telepathy nonsense, I imagine myself dancing with everyone.

I’ve found a coping mechanism for just about every symptom. I need someone to play along with me.

We all cope how we can. I sit in the space in my head. I have many spaces in my head and I walk around in them.

What is your coping tool for Negative Symptoms? I’m OK with fighting back my positive ones. But the negative ones will really get to me.

Thankfully… THANKFULLY I am not antisocial. Apathy and lack of drive has always been a problem for me. Caffeine and energy shots always helped with that. The negative ones get to me, too. Would love to hear what other people have to say about that SurprisedJ.