Fun Career Personality Test

This is another fun 20 question test I found on the Net…

Apparently I’d make a decent Crisis Manager-

The Crisis Manager
Your career personality type is The Crisis Manager. You like creative freedom and are action-minded. You can get restless so you need a work environment that offers variety. You also prefer to engage internally and are very thoughtful. A work environment where you can work quietly and gather information before making a decision is best for you.

Give the test a try and let us all know how it worked out for you!


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Er…does this mean I’m about to be handpicked to be a Moderator on this site?? lol!

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Does anybody else wanna try this test? I’m just curious to see what career choice would come up for each of you.

Crisis manager as well…

I got crisis manager too

Your Result

The Harmonizer

Your career personality type is The Harmonizer. You like harmony and enjoy helping others. You are also nergized by what is happening outside of yourself and find that you get restless when you go too long without external stimulation.

The first part is accurate but I’m not so good with external stimulation being an introvert.

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i was a harmonizer…i was disappointed i wanted to be a womble… :heart_eyes:
" wombles of wimbledon wombling free
the wombles of wimbledon common are we
making good use of the things that we find
everything everyday folks leave behind… "
take care :alien:

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The Big Picture Person

Your career personality type is The Big Picture Person. You likes conceptualizing a project and enjoy debating with others. You get your best ideas when you have someone to bounce them off of, and you feel most comfortable when you feel you have a handle on the future of your work.

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