Fun activities


I would like to take credit for these but they are actually off of part of a list my therapist gave me of things to do to combat depression.

Thinking about becoming active in the community.
Writing in a diary or journal.
Going to the hills.
Going window shopping.
Seeing photos or slides.
Dressing up and looking nice.
Playing cards.
Reelecting on how I’ve improved.
Doing crossword puzzles
Solving riddles mentally.
Fantasizing about the future.
Thinking about my good qualities.
Buying books.
Doing something new.
Rearranging the furniture in my house.
Remembering beautiful scenery.
Remembering the words and deeds of loving people.
Arranging flowers.
Thinking about getting married.
Thinking about sex.
Buying gifts

No ambition, no interest and no motivation. And you? What do you recommend?

That’s actually a pretty good list. Most of the time I see ■■■■ like that I go through it and my brain is just like no. No. No. But all in all most of those things are good escape. Thanks man.


I think all of them are part of the fun actives list I got from my tdoc during my cbt days. Is Australian so maybe not…Is a pdf