Full Contact Quilting

I thought this would make for a great Olympic sport for seniors.

The team that quilts the most colors onto the quilt win! You throw the needle and cloth into the ring…it is picked up by a team member who furiously starts knitting!

Then an old lady in a walker runs her over and steals back the quilt, then she starts furiously knitting.

Then an old guy with a cane whacks her in the shins and grabs the quilt…etc.

Eh? Huh?? Do you see where I’m going with this?

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I think quilting and competitive attitude are different things. Probably 65 years separated those emotions/activities

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Ever seen senior ladies at a fabric sale? You’re not as far off the mark as you think. I remember seeing one heck of a row over the last bolt of Cookie Monster fabric when I got dragged into one of those shops by a friend who quilts.


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