Fulfillment without work

As the title says, how do you find fulfillment without working.
Its like i have so much free time and i spend it mostly with family. I hope to pick up a study or something but if that doesnt work out i wonder how i will live life.
Its kinda a blessing and a curse, i now realise how much of my identity was attached to my old work, also the sense of purpose.
But now i am free, financially stable and that makes me wonder what will i do now.
So i was wondering how u guys find purpose and keep yourself busy.


I haven’t worked a regular job in a very long time.

Probably close to ten years.

I still wake up early,

Make my bed,

And keep a schedule.

I clean, I cook, I clean more.

I even schedule down time and time for this forum.

You have to keep yourself occupied and productive.

Just because you may not be able to work a regular job right now doesn’t mean you have to be useless.


I understand this struggle. I was really struggling with being okay with living a mostly idle life, especially not being in school anymore (university).

I’ve become more okay with it, though. I don’t just depression sleep all day anymore.

I spend time here, on Facebook, listen to my favorite music loudly and sing along to it, and I do surveys online for a small amount of extra spending money so I can afford my vape juice and pods for it and stuff. When my bf isn’t at work, we hang out and watch stuff or go to town and do things. I’ve also got video games for when I’m in the mood to play them.

Although I am hoping to find a job again when I get my license (mainly for extra income)


Thanks for sharing your perspective, i wonder if this would be an issue for future generations with the testings of universal basic income and stuff.


I would find some hobbies and treat them as work. Atm eating healthy and going to the gym is my 1 goal


Well, a large percentage of the population still lives in poverty. And birth rates remain high in some poorer countries (see India, Nigeria etc). I think the day of universal basic income is still far off in the future.

We shouldn’t compare to normies. We owe it to ourselves to try and find a way to be productive, but not all of us will succeed. I do have a job, but it’s far from ideal.

Start by assessing your energy level, your drivers (aka what motivates you) and your skills. Hopefully at the intersection of these three “bubbles” - visually speaking - there will be at least one realistic option, either a job or a hobby.

Don’t worry if you need to hone your skills by going back to school or getting a tutor, as long as you’re interested in the topic and you can afford it. Nobody is born an expert. I dreaded going to uni, but in hindsight it has helped me loads toward having a decent career.

@SkinnyMe here has been studying piano for many years, under private tutors. She goes at her own pace, and finds joy in the process as well as in the end result of her effort. For her it’s a hobby, one that gives life meaning and color.

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way” :muscle:t6:


I’ll admit I felt some fulfillment through work but the fact I can’t drive and the arthritis makes me not want to crawl back. Still yeah it’s boring all right and hard to fill up all that nothing with activity. I guess if there’s a way to do it you’ve got to be active without expecting reward other than maybe for yourself like in the case of exercise, or music. Following sports or tv watching are other boring ways to fill your time. When I was at the apartment I used my creativity to make interesting meals. I also watched the sunrise and sunsets or any interesting weather that came by. However if you get too bored there’s always the volunteer job.

Thankyou @Andrey for the honourable mention.


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