Anyone else deal with a lot of frustration?

Story of my life.

So much. Especially when I try to get a point across and can never manage to find the words. Or when I’m trying to learn something and it’s like staring at a wall. So much frustration.

My worst frustration is with my self. Sometimes I get so angry I want to start throwing things.

Yes. I find it kind of ironic because I was (and still am, but to an extent) a very patient person, but I find myself getting frustrated/angry easily. It makes me want to lash out and start screaming sometimes.

How easily I can go from 0 to 100 is coming now from a second source: aging. Have you ever noticed old people getting rattled and angry because of some slight hitch. And those are the normals! Now I act just like them.

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Toxic people like my brother can make me very angry.

I try to be proactive whilst not overthinking situations…

If I’m in a bad mood literally the tiniest thing and I’m like the grumpiest person in the world but on some days just nothing fazes me

I’ve been very irritable for the last week, don’t know why.