Frustration and anger

Just made a huge mess. The cat food bag just fell off the counter . A huge mess to clean up. But on loxapine I don’t get angry. And when I am waitressing I’ve never been so nice and chatty. Getting ready to try and kick the alcohol habit but not sure who I will find underneath. I plan on going swimming after work at the gym on my way home.

I spend a lot of time alone after work and not sure how I will fill my time as I am not really into anything.

Bought fabric to make an apron for my mom but it just sits there. Bought a shock collar and some yard flags to train my dog but it scares me. I don’t know how to be more productive, not going to live forever.

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Abilify makes me very calm. I hardly react on things that used to make me angry. But I think that is the purpose of antipsychotic medications.

Go for a run it helps then go for a swim

Best of luck kicking the alcohol habit, that’s a tough journey to go on but it sounds like you’ve got some solid plans.

@turningthepage you should read this, you’ve got great tips for quitting alcohol. Also, read @twinkit’s other post:

Alan watts is my favorite author so it’s great you tagged me in this.

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I know, I read it and instantly thought of you! I’m remembering things again which is great!

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Never heard of him. Just found the quote in a zen book. What does he write about?

All types of eastern philosophy

My favorite book by him is this

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Just ordered the book. Glad I didn’t get it from the library as I think I will be doing a lot of underlining. Seems like a book I need. Thanks for the recOmmendation.

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Believe me, I am a lot more debilitated than you. I go to day treatment a few hours during the week, and the rest of the time I spend alone. I live in an apartment at an assisted living center for the mentally ill. For me, it’s not a bad life. I don’t know if you have the options I have in my life, and you’d probably get a lot more out of life if you made yourself function better than me and people like me. Maybe you should ask yourself what you want out of life and how you can get it. Being nice and chatty at work is good. I think I come across very morose in person. There are so many things I intend to do that I don’t do it isn’t funny. Maybe you could just buy your mom an apron. I don’t think she’d mind.