Mind is fighting sleep. Went to bed and just couldn’t get off. Couldn’t even count sheep as I can’t see the damn things. Feel wide awake.

What I’ve been doing lately is playing a song in my head. Music competes for space with your thoughts and because I have a music background it wins.

Another thing is if you find your mind running, turn over. The movement of your body kind of brings you back out of your head, because you are shifting around.


My sometime health anxiety is kicking in. Keep thinking I might have familial insomnia which is silly because I managed to go off for an hour or so after lunch time.

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i just listen to my music for a bit then it clears my thoughts, then all i can hear is my music in my head, then its easy i fall right asleep…

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My uncle Bob who lives in Japan hasn’t been sleeping well either. My aunt says he just stays up on his Ipad. It is hard to watch someone suffer through insomnia.

For the health anxiety, you can try telling yourself that disease exposure strengthens your immune system. Or think about people who have incurable diseases, like my brother who has MS. I also have a friend who has Crohn’s disease. They live with it. If you were really sick, you’d learn to cope.

Isn’t it funny how even mentally ill people can come out with this kind of thing as though mental illness isn’t really disabling/an illness.

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I meant if you really had an illness like cancer. It is hard for me to describe what I meant by this, but I’ll try.

Say you had the flu or even a lifetime illness like Chron’s disease, you would learn how to cope with it. I’m not pitting mental illness against other types of illness. You complained about feeling anxious about your health, so I was trying to alleviate your concerns. I was just giving you a different way to look at things to help when you have those feelings. It might come with a mantra like, “if I had -insert disease- I would learn to cope with it.” That’s what I meant. It could even include other mental illnesses, like if you were concerned you might have bipolar disorder.

The last two nights I slept nine hours, and I have been really sleepy the past two days. My activity patterns are a function of the adrenaline in my system. I can sleep for four or five hours and be way more wide awake than I’ve been the past couple of days. It feels like I’ve had all the caffeine removed from my system, though I’m certain I took my caffeine the last couple of days.

It’s nearly 1 am and I’ve woken up
Unusual for me I normally sleep really well

Got a man sized sleep mask as the unisex one was too tight. Thought it might help me to sleep better. If I could get off to sleep in the first place maybe I could say. 3.30 hours later I’m up after starting to drift a couple of times but being snatched back into wakefulness. Fairly busy mind and referred itching that perversely seems to appear when trying to sleep combining to thwart my good intentions.

To bed at 1.00 still awake at 5.10. This is beyond a joke. Mask a failure. Kept on feeling it on face which makes it hard to get off. Will stay up for a while and then resort to taking some OTC sleep pills (Kalms) . I’m not sure they work that well but need to try something.

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Looked at the circadian rhythm disorders(health anxiety attack!) and found but I’m not sleeping from 3-12 2-11 or 4-1 etc(waking up hours before) and don’t experience excessive daytime sleepiness. Nevertheless my circadian rhythms seem to be slightly messed up.

On second thoughts.
Unless I sleep during the day I’m short on sleep but if I sleep during the day it seems that night sleep is f***ed. Not sure whether to try sleep now as it’s morning or stay awake and try sleep again this evening.

Best not to sleep in the day if you want to get back into a pattern of sleeping at night x

I’ve had so many problems sleeping at night x if I stay in bed I find it’s better than getting up because it’s nearer to sleep than the living room x

It’s 6:20am and I’ve been awake all night too. Know how you feel firemonkey.

Managed to get off from roughly 6.30 to 9.30. Going to try not to have daytime nap(s) and see what happens.

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Had a better night. Was in bed by10.30 and got off fairly quickly. Woke when it was light but dozed a little after. Weight is down by a lb which is a good thing. It has been staying static overnight or going up.


Not the best of nights. Took some Kalms and was in bed by 10.45. Dropped off fairly quickly but was awake again in less than 2 hours. That occurred several times ie short period of sleep followed by waking. Scales tell the story after yesterday’s drop of a lb weight was up 0.6. I think even if I starved myself(which wouldn’t be a good thing) the weight would scarcely move in the right direction.

Will continue trying not to overdo the food in the hope of keeping off the 5lbs lost since starting but have realistically given up expecting any progress in that direction re any sustained weight loss.

The only goal I had is dead.

I’m an unmedicated schizophrenic so I get insominia a lot myself. What sometimes helps me is relaxing herbal tea like chamomile though it doesn’t keep me sleeping for long. It’s 4am right now, having sleep pattern issues…my advice is don’t ruin yours. If you can’t sleep at night then try to sleep till the next night time.

I’ve tried chamomile tea. To put it bluntly for me it was Yuck! I guess my biggest concern is how poor night time sleep has completely sabotaged my attempts to lose weight. Although day time sleep can make up for lack of night time sleep it doesn’t have the same effect on losing weight. Maybe because in the day I only sleep 90-120 minutes a time ie long naps.