From Zyprexa to Caplyta?

I currently take 3 antipsychotics because I am treatment resistant. I really want to try Caplyta though and get off of olanzapine and maybe off of Rexulti too. I’d stay on aripiprazole.

I really want to lose weight and feel even better.

Is Caplyta as good as Zyprexa? Wish me luck that my doctor lets me do this.

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It’s all just trial and error. Best of luck with your doctor.

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Honestly I don’t think that Caplyta would be as effective compared to Zyprexa for most people but like @everhopeful said, it’s all trial and error


its down to you whether glutamate antagonism work well for you really

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It is well known that Zyprexa is much stronger than modern baby meds and so are Seroquel.

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Thanks! I didn’t know that Zyprexa was much stronger than other meds!

I had my appointment and I’m still on the same 3 main meds. I don’t foresee changes anytime soon. I shouldn’t bother with thinking about new meds.

I’m sorry :potted_plant: lady it’s only statistic that Zyprexa ranke as the 3. Strongest antipsychotic after Clozapine and Amisulpride. You could get super response on any other antipsychotics so you must try a couple of antipsychotics before you maybe get a super response I’ve learned that the newest antipsychotics works better negative symptoms wise than the older ones and are more gentle side effects wise.

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Thank you for the information! I am really just fine with staying on olanzapine. It’s been good to me. I guess I sometimes wish for less meds but I gotta do what my head doctor says I suppose!

You see :potted_plant: lady my mother who is 77 years old is doing so well on 30 mgs Olansapine. And I and the rest of the family are so happy and great full for having the old mum back. She’s gained weight and sleep a lot. On occasions she’s constipated and use laxertives.
But she’s doing so much better now.:blush:

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@swordiebrom im reading up on this drug. What does it have to do with glutamate antagonism. Im wiki it and i just see antagonize 3 dopamine receptors and 1 serotonin receptor and 5 ht2a

It modulates d1 via glutamate

Rexulti and Abilify can be taken together? I didn’t know that-- I thought they were too similar to mix.

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Crazy plant lady I don’t want to upset you but I was in your place for 20 years as treatment resistant on 3 antipsychotic’s. I went cold turkey on two antipsychotics one month ago. This is what I learned. Improvements in monoteraphy.
Improvement in aggression and positive symptoms
Improvements in negative symptoms
Improvement in cognition
Improvement in sleep
Improvement in side effect treamentios weight los of tommy

My current treatment is the convinient 400 mg depo Clopixol every other week

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I have been on both for a few years now and with 2 different psych Drs. I guess that thought never occurred to me. But I probably should ask. Thank you for bringing it up!

I’m not asking you to make any changes. I personally just experienced that less is better if not for now then for the future.

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Thank you for your reply. You see, I have a long history of court treatment orders and court hospitalizations, so no one in my life wants me to come off any meds. My dr has said she doesn’t want to make any changes because I have managed to stay out of the hospital for 4 years now thanks to my current meds and am doing so well. But I have muscle tremors and some weight gain. Plus who knows what long term things could pop up. I’m just really thinking I need to stop some meds despite how well I have been doing. I just don’t know what to think really if meds are safe. You know?


Yeah i also had to deal with a community treatment order. I was on it for a year. Ive been off it for about 4 months now and been off meds for like 4 months now. My plan is if i get psychosis again ill take a med until psychosis goes away and then stop.

Why do you get on court treatment orders? Have you committed crimes or something while in psychosis so your being forced to take meds now? Ive been in a psych ward like 6 times so far and after the 6th time they put me on the CTO. I thought id be on it for ever. But fortunately my dad told the doctor he wants me off so they didnt renew it.

Yeah so i watched a youtube video on caplyta Lumateperone(Caplyta) Promising New Treatment For Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia | Mark Agresti - YouTube

According to the psychiatrist, caplyta is weaker then other antipsychotics as it dosnt antagonize dopamine receptors as strongly as other medications. Im not treatment resistant, so i think it would work for me. I think i want to try caplyta next time i get psychosis. Hopefully it dosnt zombify me as much as my current meds. Wish there were more ppl here who tried caplyta.

Caplyta is anew medication so i figured more ppl would try it

I was commited to the mental ward for 6 days two weeks ago by own free will because of insomnia caused by abruptly stopping Geodon and Ziprasidone. I was over medicated. I have now spend 8 days in twelve years in the ward. I talked the doctor on the ward into increasing the depo with 100 mgs and he said if I wanted to leave the ward it would be wise to take some Clopixol pills each day until the depo took full effect. Last but not least I never had a treatment order because I’ve alway take my meds by own free will. So home again.
Ps. Been on Clopixol for 26 years.