From suicidal thoughts, self healing to helping others

Anyone of you here who are going through hard time and eventually recovered?

im not sure, my life was hard…vaguely remember that…so then i’m trying oxcarbazepine in the future, and i have a doc apptmt on mar 18

Don’t give up and ur life will be good. I’ve been sz for 6 years now and feeling much better.

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I was in hospital three times over the last year including a week ago. But meds helped me back on my feet. Time is a great healer but life is a cycle - for me with sza it means I will go thru depression, occasional hypomania and thru normal moods. Things all come to an end - including depression. Never give up - it will improve eventually :blush:

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It all end well. Life is still bright sunny day :smile:

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