From risperdal to abilify, i need help

I am taking 2mg risperdal my TD is getting worse i want to switch to abilify, i cant fully trust my psychiatrist and because of that i want to know if you were taking 2mg risperdal and you switch to abilify what would be the equal doze, my TD started when my pdoc increased to 3mg, i took it for a year. It was a mistake.

Thank you

Abilify is it a good drug for schizoaffective?

I started Abilify when it first came out and remained on it for many years. It did not help my positive symptoms, it helped my negative symptoms and depression. It may help you - its a risk you take, getting off a powerful and usually effective antipsychotic like Risperdal and switching over to a partial dopamine agonist like Abilify. Its a strange medication in my view, I am much more stable on Risperdal. Abilify can cause or worsen anxiety and can be activating