From Invega to Ability


I was on the Invega 11mg depot for 17 months along with the Invega 3mg pill. I begin having psychotic symptoms and paranoia so the doctor switched me to Ability 30mg. Should I have been weaned off the Invega first? Will I have withdrawal symptoms from the Invega? Please tell me what to expect. I don’t want to end up in the hospital again from a medicine change.


When I switched from risperdone to geodon my pdoc wanted to know how many risperdone pills I had left. I asked him if I could just switch meds without tapering Down. He said o.k.

So maybe depending on the doctor, or the meds, it can be done either way.


I switched from Abilify to Invega (currently on 9mg pill) and i didn’t need to be hospitalized :slight_smile:


I switched from Abilify to Invega and needed a hospitalization, but that was because I was tapered out of abilify almost completely before being put on a low dose of invega, so I went for too long without proper levels of medication in my system


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