From Geodon to Clozapine


I have been taking Geodon for over 3 years. The only reason for taking Geodon was due to weight gain neutral, only. I did not listen to my doctor at all. I hated weight gain.

Now, things have changed. I value to be present. I feel like the drug has lost it’s strength over time.

My question is, if I take a small dose of Clozapine, while counting calories, will i still maintian some of the weight. My hope is I might get far less weight gains than a person who do not count calories?

What are the percentage of people who actually are happy with Clozapine compared to the group of people who had to stop it?

clozapine is the worst med in regards to weight. even moreso than olanzapine. it all depends on the person tho what side effects you will have

Clozapine is a big weight gainer.

If you count your calories and don’t exceed 1600 kcal each day. Go for a brisk walk of one or two miles each day then you should be alright with a low dose Clozapine. Try to avoid drinking your kcal like beers, sodas and energi drinks. Try to drink your coffee or tea pure. Eat lots of fish and veggies and fruits. I do support your dicision of getting less psychotic. I was in pure psychosis hell some weeks ago and most people can’t live that way in the long run.

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I will give it a try with counting calories. This video was really enlightening about clozapine.

I take Ziprasidone and Clozapine. For me my weight gain occurred with Olanzapine. When i switched to what im on now my weight has remained stable. I also take Metformin, not for diabetes, but for the stunting it does to your appetite. Maybe you can talk to your pdoc about that.

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I’ve been taking clozapine for 3 years.
Only recently I started losing weight.
I’m 118 kgs, and i was 121

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For me i learned not to do too much research on them since trial and error is what they say is needed. Clozapine has a list that requires you to be put on it if your white blood cells go to zero which can hurt you long term. Up to and including agranulocytosis and leukemia Clozapine is fda designated as a medicine of last resort but im not a doctor just saying go with what a medical professional says not a Ted talk

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I read that clozapine, olanzapine, risperidone and amisulpride among the most effective. I will keep your notes in mind, it’s all about trail and error.

I’m taking Geodon with little effect.

My question is how can Geodon work when most of its profile binding is on the 5-HT receptor which has todo with negative symptoms and nearly nothing on the D receptors which has a lot todo with hallucinations

Thats not available in north america. But yes these 4 are said to be the most effective in that order from most effective Clozapine, Amisulpride, Olanzapine=Risperidone, according to studies. But I think there exceptions, for me Olanzapine never helped my psychosis, I was psychotic on even 15mg. Now I am on risperidone 5mg and no sz symptoms at all.

For Clozapine you heart and blood tests. Blood tests every week for 6 months then every 2 weeks for 6 months then monthly forever.