Fries, please help me putt this

I am a homeless person with housing.

I don’t believe in golf.

I feel like I came in halfway through a conversation here!



IDK what happened. One minute we’re discussing Tiger Woods and the next minute the whole conversation went to hell.

I can discuss morning wood with some authority, but I don’t know anything Tiger Woods. Is he related to Ron Jeremy?

Tiger Woo is professional. His wife too, she took half and kids.

They used to be Siamese twins until Traci Lords operated on them and split them apart.

Morning wood? It’s just a vague, distant memory like bell bottom jeans, pet rocks and Schwinn Stingrays.

Oh. My.

I still get morning wood, but the putting range is closed right now. As to Tang, you can get their sugar-free “water flavor enhancer”. I actually quite like it!

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How dare you talk golf and chubbies on my thread

Well, I know what I’m thinking of when someone mentions a hole-in-one. Just wish I was still flexible enough to pull that off.

We’re still talking about golf, right?

Thanks for the persistence at par-ing my concern. I just have to focus on the green and don’t leave it short of the hole. Perhaps I need a caddy.

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