We are all on this forum because we need friendship I’ve had friendships in the past when I lived different places we cannot over estimate the value of friendship and sharing talking


You are right that we all need some friendship, but sometimes it is so difficult to create the friendship.

Well yes it hard to make friends when u are ill
Myself I can’t go out at night which is a handicap

I have friendships elsewhere but I need this type of friendship here. I like the style of this forum. And it is a nice escape from everyday life. I get to learn about people and stuff.

I live in a house with 6 other guys so I have good friendships but I value the friendships and sharing talking here greatly.


Sometimes it helps with my anxiety and crazy symptoms knowing I’m not being persecuted and I’m not alone


I’d say I have some pretty tight friendships on this forum. that and just the will to help keep me here.

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Hi am new am I welcome?