Friends with benefit

Guys,I managed to browse through this forum and learnt about the word “friends with benefit”,I am such am idiot that I don’t understand this word,but just to make sure “friends with benefit” means having a sexual relationship without having to commit into a relationship right?

Now I am taking abilify and mirtazapine,it cause some sexual dysfunction,I wonder what can I do if I want to have sex with someone?i feel impotent

friends with benefits - a person of the opposite sex who you have sex with, but don’t date. they are a booty call.

if you want to have sex with someone, just go up to them and ask :slight_smile: but be polite.

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LOL that was me who said that. Yes, it means sex without emotional attachment. It’s great for people like me, especially after a day of class and powerlifting. I would try coffee or tea and maybe a vasodilator. You can buy NO3, nitric oxide, a vasodilator at vitamin shops, and you can infer what that does for males…I have delayed orgasms, which just makes me last stupid long so I kind of dont see it as a problem…but sometimes im sweating and tired and really having trouble having an orgasm (meanwhile she says she’s lost count of hers :wink:) but if I dont have sex for a week I have an easier time. The more frequently you have orgasms, the harder it is to have one, I find.

But yeah impotency is a feeling sometimes, you might be surprised what your brain does to your body when the right stimulus is in front of you. I have trouble masturbating (WOW I AM SAYING TOO MUCH WOW) because Ive masturbated since I was like 10 im sick of it. But the real thing? Full steam ahead.


“(meanwhile she says she’s lost count of hers wink)” easy there loverboy. :slight_smile:

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When I try masturbating,I come very fast,in 2min ++,I nv had sex so I don’t know but I am worry I gonna destroy my first time having sex and messed up with sexual dysfunction

Should I try to have sex without Viagra first or should I go straight to the doctor and asked to be prescribed Viagra than have sex,as mirtazapine and abilify made me quite impotent as I once stop meds for a year and everything including my erection was back to normal but it seems I can’t do without meds now

I think if I had sexual dysfunction, I would go drink a preworkout supplement. They’re basically monster energy drink powders you mix with water but they have nitric oxide, a vasodilator in them. Ill just say it, nitric oxide can give you an insane erection. I remember taking it for funsies a few times back when I was socially isolated and had no friends last year…and it was fun. Just make sure your symptoms are under control with meds, stimulants can be bad if you arent on antipsychotics. I remember having trouble sleeping on those lonely nights experimenting with nitric oxide and porn. WOW IVE GOTTA STOP POSTING ABOUT SEX AND MASTURBATION WOW

but really dude nitric oxide wont let you down…it’ll get you up! LOL OK I’LL STOP

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Hey Mobc.There are one-night stands.And there is having a friend who is a girl and you have sex with her but you are not boyfriend and girlfriend. There’s a difference.“Friends with benefits” is the second one.


Oh, first time you will come so fast. Your first time, you will be so excited and will probably remember the first moments well for the rest of your life. It’s basically every male’s number one dream (whether he knows its his number one dream or not, I like Freud) come true. Maybe if you think you will come fast, wear a thicker condom. they make those. I wear the thinnest ones on the market and still take like 30mins. But one of my friends jerked off too much in high school and says he has trouble coming. But hes also a druggie so its probably the uppers downers booze and weed in his blood screwing up his game.

And whatever a girl says, wear a condom. Condoms are cheaper than child support. Even though nice ones cost over 2 bucks each. Kids cost 100k each.

77Nick77 and I are on the same page as this one…

With me… when guys say there is no relationship with a friends with benefits situation… well there is a relationship, the friendship. The friendship is the relationship.

But as far as being exclusive? No… it’s not usually monogamous. But for me the friendship comes first and if the sexual part of the friendship happens, then there is no guilt, no requirement to become more involved then the friendship.

Even if you have sex with a girl who a Friend… still treat the girl like a friend. Be a friend and then the sex won’t be as scary.

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