Friends suck

They either want something from you or leave when things aren’t going well. Why do we live in a reality where we are “social creatures” but are constructed in such a way to be ■■■■■ to everyone else. If this isn’t hell idk what is. I wish i had no need to socialize

You will find good friends eventually. There are decent people out there. They just usually don’t form friendships quickly. They stand off to the side and observe for a long time.

I haven’t had a friend for 7 years

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I had one of the best friends I ever had over the summer from Aa but I don’t really like friends either. I like socializing but if I don’t consider them friends I don’t have the “friends problems”

I just keep to myself,do ok on line, but in real life they fade away or get what they want, then you never hear form them again

I have no friends…zero. Nothing. But I’m used to it now so it’s not as horrible as it used to be.

But ANYWAYS @Kazuma better luck with friends hopefully :relaxed:

i think some people avoid me because of my schizo, which is quite ironic

No friends sucks too.

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its hard out here for a schizo

Yeah my friends seemed to have vanished after I graduated. I had a good number that I hung out with. Just find common interests. The likelihood of getting a job is increasing for me so soon I will have money to get friends. I just won’t have any time.