Friends of to live a happy life with scz

Can someone suggest information…books organizations and so on…that teach what to do with your life and how to make it happy and interesting when you are diagnozed with schizoprenia? Im looking for info of a psychological side of the issue and mostly behavoural therapy. Where to get guidance when you first get diagnosed? How to fight with letting go feeling? How to take control of you new scz life? Where to read what exactly happened to you and how to proceed?


Schizophrenia, a family guide, I thought was good. I think it’s hard or impossible to get except as an ebook.


Well, this website is full of experiences of people with schizophrenia. Maybe you could review some threads in the past that may interest you.


Use the :mag: to search in this forum, there are many professional schizophrenic posts here :slight_smile:

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“Coping with Schizophrenia: A Guide for Families” by Mueser and Gingerich is a good book that I recommend.

Ok yeah I think that’s what I meant.

When I went to Nami they gave a whole pack of information on disability, disabled housing, therapy, etc. I’m also using department of rehabilation for counseling and work training. I have appointments with doctors and therapists every month. Beyond that it is important to have a good support system and stuff to keep busy with.