Friends in crisis

So had a friend find out his ex mrs has a new boyfriend. He wasn’t doing so well with the separation and it’s been a couple of years but with a couple of kids it’s always the potential to get messy. Anyways. He had a meltdown today and I spent a long time on the phone talking to him.

Just shows you. You learn some things using this website and hopefully I got him to go see a doctor and try an antidepressant. He has anxiety and other issues as well and I think some counselling might be good for him as well…Still. It’s never much fun when people fall apart but some experience of talking to people on here certainly helped me deal with him.

Hoping he follows through and gets some help.


I find your posts balanced and helpful @rogueone. You are good at seeing both sides of the story.


I wish your friend well and glad he has you as a friend to help him.

Life sounds really stressful for him

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