Friends i am writing request letter to bill and malinda Gates foundation for Sz research donation as i am pretty broke at english u guys can guide me...! Anyone hero..!

My English is not too good…if u can write a body of letter i would consider it and instantly send it to foundation…guys are u ready to write it…not to forget @Andrey has helped me a lot in this regard…!!! thanks all of u…!!!

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No help here, my writing is awful, there are some writers on the forum though

I would probably write send money I know where you live lol

Who is doing the research and what’s it about?


Absolutely not.

Bill Gates wants to implant all of us.

He’s a monster.

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The letter is just for Sz research …we as a suffer writing it to Mr gates …and we don’t represent any organization or institute …its just an eye opener…!!! hope u got it…!!!
Anyways thanks for ur concern @Mountainman …!!!

@Daze Mr Gates is ignorant will u help me to write a letter…!!!common man …i appreciate ur english…!!!

I have written hundreds of letters in my day

The best thing to do is go in person to a consulate

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@Daze have u written any letter to ur parliament(congress) whether be it on mental illness…???


Think local act global

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Why don’t u write a letter describe plight of SZ…it might be eye opener…!!!

Are you listening?

I blog I email I call I go in person


Means u meet them in person…??? right…??


One guy did say

you’re a schizophrenic and I don’t want to be in the same room as you

chance you take

Worth it

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How about this:

The iPhone and the mac are great. Thanks for those. Now make me thank you even more. Please send me back a form letter thanking me for my interest. Along with $1 billion.


In fact window Os and nokia lumia are good as they run on microsoft…!!! I am hugely indebted by ur amazing creation as a fact why dont u in return some billions dollar for a SZ research …
Ur poor NIraj kafle kathmandu ,Nepal…!!!…

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nill i love yur dell computerszizizi

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nope mine iz HP…!!!

only MacBooks here, but if he’s got the money for a cure…

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HA ha my big bro has it (mac book)…once i reach Aus i will force my sisz to buy me a Alien-ware for sure…!!!

MG1 U can call me Mr cure all…!!!

ok mr cure all, you can call me Dr Green thumb

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