Friends fake or real? best friends

I think it’s stressful to not know if someone is a real friend or a fake friend. I’m the youngest of seven kids. I have four brothers and a sister that are half siblings. We have the same mother but different father. I knew who my friends were but when I had to socialize with half siblings friends and there community I was trapped. I met people who seem like friends but we’re fake. I’m not sure how to deal with these people that are really fake friends. I gew up with these people that call me there friend but are really my half brothers and sister friends. It’s also a cultural thing, because these fake friends are generations of people who have known my half siblings for a long time. I was thinking about this today and this could be happening to my kids. These fake friends won’t go away because of my half siblings. I lost a lot of real friends because of this whole situation. How would you handle it? How do you deal with fake men and women friends?


Gotta just accept people for their behaviors and not wonder about how much they are faking it.

I’m pretty sure I fake interest in everything at this point. Still appreciate people though.

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I’m so sorry you have fake friends. I guess I"ve had many over the years that faded and never showed back up. My grandmother said if you can count your friends on more than one hand when you die you’ve lived a great life. I have 3 friends that I still see and talk to, Met them in college. I hope you find some good friends.

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Thank you. It’s really true, I’m thinking back in time and I feel that I should have married someone more like myself, my dad had the right idea but too many cultural clashes. I ended up having a difficult marriage but good times. Making the most out of it seem to matter more then anything. I’m trying get better to the best of “better” that I can be. I feel there is a lot of unresolved issues and possibly sz symptoms to go with it.

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Yeah I do plan on eventually getting back out into the work world. Living a fuller life. For now though its all about seeing how good things can get.

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Make your decisions…and listen to this stuff…

Work is money, don’t save it…get material assets in the best way!