Friend opened up a pool hall

Surprisingly nice in here.

Very clean.


No pictures - it didn’t happen.

Well I couldn’t really get a good shot of the place. must have had 15 or more tables.

Kind of rugged crowd. There were a couple people that I knew there. Played some darts. 301. Got to show off some maths.


The hallucinations were especially bothersome tonight. Still better than it ever has been, but they are stll there when I’m around people. It’s annoying as ■■■■

Thats awesome. I bet you will have some good times there

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Yeah I’m looking forward to it

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I just wanted to see what boxers you wear.

Well too bad. (Fifteen characters)

I’ll snag a photo next time.

Oh soitgoes, you and your obsession with balls, when will you learn?

I don’t know man I just can’t get enough.

Being a dumb drunk pool is one of the few things that im good at…where you at?

What is ‘balls’ in this context? :confused:

dude man ,I thought that you were a chick but you aren’t. …quit having fun with us at our expense LOL man.

Um…what? I hope you are just kidding man.

This thread is ■■■■■■