Friend accidentally sells man's £1m game character for £400


Big money in MMO’s especially in unchecked markets.

I remember playing a game called “anarchy online” I was about 18 or so.

Helped run a guild focused on “entertainment”
Basically we had a radio show to tune into for in game clubs. This was the start of webcams. I’d sell access to webcam “shows” through AIM passworded chatrooms for in game credits, then sell those credits for RL cash. Was making about 300 a month by putting on a few parties a week.

All our dancers and patrons were vetted and ID’d for legal age requirements, there was code of conduct, security, whole little enterprise.

Creators of the game took note of us, and added in various social clothing to the game based on our designs

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Sorry - i believe this post. But who the bloody hell in their right mind spends over 1mill on a game which is soley digital media?. Hes either rich - or bloody stupid.


The Chinese aren’t so anti Capitalist after all .:thinking:


I can’t even fathom a game character being worth that much, lol.

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