Friday plans

Tomorrow is a busy work day. Have to deliver product to a customer and then do a photo shoot followed by a video shoot tomorrow evening. The weather conditions are supposed to be unpleasant. I have to give half of Friday to prepping for a Saturday afternoon photo shoot (family portraits), but am trying to set aside a few hours to play with a new goodie I splurged on:

It’s an expansion pack for my DJ software, Serato DJ. The built-in pitch correction is AWFUL. Rather than fixing it, they sell the fix as an expansion pack. Gaaah. At least it was 1/3 off, which is something. Now I need to figure out how to use it. If something else doesn’t come crashing into my day, that is.

If you’d told me twenty years ago I’d be working and busy despite SZ, I’d have called you a liar.



Hi @velociraptor. Sounds like you may end up enjoying yourself. Don’t be surprised if you do. We may go to karaoke (I do NOT sing…and the world is a better place because of it), hang with our friends, and just enjoy escaping daily life, if only for a few hours. Anyway, I hope you have fun!


@velociraptor you’ve always amazed me with your life as a schizophrenic and father and business owner. You get my vote as the most successful member of the forum I believe?

@anon40540444 I miss karaoke…haha…


@jukebox - I’m busy this month. Slows down a fair bit once the snow flies, thus the video and DJing portions of my business. We would be living in much humbler circumstances were it not for my wife’s income and benefits. Further to this, you should see what I look like the morning after shooting a large wedding or DJing a dance. Ain’t pretty. I keep some old school CPZ on hand to deal with short-term increased symptoms, and I have to stack it with my Geodon on those days to keep my cheese on my cracker.

Was considering a part-time janitorial gig that a local organization is desperately trying to fill. Only problem is that I know who my boss would be and I’m sure I would be fired inside of a week for (rightfully) calling him a World Class Idiot.

What I really need is to win the lottery.


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I understand and I think you must really be “with it” to handle your life and family demands. Cost a lot to live. I have really been anticipating tomorrow because I finally get paid again and I don’t have the overhead of my vices on my back right now. I am going to try as hard as I did to stop smoking to stop smoking weed. Just don’t “buy it”. and you won’t have it, is my aim right now.


Be careful using CPZ with Geodon. It taxes the heart even more. As you may know, it will drop your blood pressure on standing, and you might pass out. Also, because I was taking CPZ at a high dose (800 mg/day), it unmasked an underlying seizure disorder. Shoot for something more potent. I take Trilafon, and it doesn’t hurt me in the slightest (i.e., no side effects).

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@velociraptor -

It sounds like your doing a great job building that business. It also sounds busier then I could handle.

I remember you saying how much a big job takes out of you…

It’ seems your doing a great job balancing that demand between family, new business and personal wellness.

I’m still trying to master that juggling act. Good luck tomorrow with the weather and I hope it doesn’t wash out your shoot.


A lot of times it’s busier than I can handle, but I have no choice but to throw myself at it because I won’t have a business left if I don’t. :worried:

I don’t mind bad weather as long as it is extremely bad weather. The clients may cancel, but I’ve still got something to shoot personally. Cold, dreary overcast… Bleh.


I will ask about the Trilafon at my next refill, which is coming up shortly. I’ve stuck with the CPZ because I know it works and it has yet to give me TD after two decades. Standing up issues are, erm, not an issue. I pretty much stay in bed the day after a large gig as I’m done. Don’t like the eyes that refocus slowly or my voice going funny, however. Trilafon sounds like something to talk to Doctorzoid about.