Fresh start

i was thinking as the new year approcheas it would be a good idea to move in to my mums as a way of starting anew as a i belive this will enable me to move on with my life as at the moment my life is consisting of playing runescape 8 hours a day for the past 6 months, i wont have much to do there other than playing guitar keyboard and drawing, does anyone have any good methods of killing boredom and do you think this will be a good way for me to recover? :smiley:

Careful living with your mom…my mom controlled my every step when I lived with her on her farm and wouldn’t stop giving me things to do…I became suicidal living with my mom…she let up after I did finally attempt it twice…now we have a good relationship. She loves me and I love her very dearly. It really was a nice time actually being there with her though…she was just so damn bossy…haha…

thanks for the advice and i hope to god i dont end up like that but if i tell her the reasons why im thinking about doing this im sure shell understand and have a better view of the whole situation

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living with parents when ur an adult is hard, as however old you get, ur still their baby. but on the plus side, it might organize ur life better. u may be asked to run errands and join in with the chores, giving u something other than just zoning out to a computer game all day, every day. good luck hunni xx

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osrt of looking forward to this change though i must admit