Frequent encounters with succubus

i dont believe in any of this stuff but every so often i end up getting down with a lady in my dreams which leads to having to clean up when i wake up lol they say if it happens frequently it can cause this stuff but i wonder if people with bad mental health or physical health are just more likely to experience it

Nah, I think peeps who experience nocturnal emissions are safe from this “succubus” :sweat_smile:

On another note, Incubus is such an odd name for a band, haha.

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yeah that is an odd name for a band. i didnt even know what an incubus is but now know its the same thing as a succubus but male


Hell, introduce me to the succubus. If it’s like other women one more rejection ain’t going to make a difference.

0707CP_Case1 (1).pdf (244.8 KB)