French women Vs Itailian women

Is there any difference …?

What do you mean by is there any difference?
Sounds like you are stereotyping them?

Of course there are differences

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French women = from France

Italian women = from Italy


Where they were born?

I don’t understand the question.

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i thought it is joke topic
i never been to any of them
so i dont know any difference
but i think french are the most chic among all

I’ve got a good one, but I think I’ll keep it to myself LOL.

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There are different regions in both countries. These regions have their own particular flavors. The catagory is too broad to make such generalizations. Women from, say, Milan, might be similar to women in the South of France in some ways, but very different in some ways from women from Normandy. I think that if you took away everyone’s facade people would be more similar than we think.

They’re from different parts of Europe