Freeview-What the ****

Freeview has been around for ages and still they can’t get adequate coverage to all areas.
I checked channel availability for my new address and there’s 19 non HD channels . At my old address there was 59. It beggars belief they can’t sort nationwide coverage by now.


Hey tim …when r u moving home …!!!

I moved on Sunday evening.

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Okay …how comfortable is ur new appartment…are u sleeping any good…

What kind of aerial is it you are using?

I am not sure. My stepdaughter bought a booster and it made no difference. Someone else on another forum said they got about that many channels too. Seems that even after all this time (launched in 2002) it’s still crap in certain areas .


Have you tried rescanning all the channels

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Yep-stepdaughter rescanned.

All I can suggest is if it is an indoor aerial try moving it about and rescan again. I got 20 extra channels by moving it by just one foot.

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You in the states? (i am)

I think we had some song about that.
Something about 64 channels and nothing on… i think those were the lyrics

yeah, you tried moving the antenna around?

We have a one that looks like a wire that goes to a very elongated diamond shape. but no wall hager or mount.

I duct taped it to the handle of garden tool. now it looks like battle ax.

We stand it it the cornner to watch most channels. but if we want channel 8, we have to push it through the banister rods to sit higher on the srairs.

if we want 21 we lean it against the wall on the other side.

when its rainy, we have to let the wire out more and lay it flat on the floor, in the dinning room.

Try moving it around.