Freelance job and my online ad

I am pleased to share the ad that I post on a local forum. Let see how is the response.
If I charge each project USD 25, I need about 6 customers each month to make ends meet.

(Please skip reading if you are not interested)

Help you to create MS-Office spreadsheet and database templates.


Spreadsheet: (Excel)

  • Daily Sales
  • Staff Attendance, etc

Database: (Access)

  • Daily Sales (Form, Code, Table, Report)
  • Payroll, etc

Plus, your Excel spreadsheet can be published online to Microsoft Power BI so that you can access the real-time chart anytime anywhere. (You must subscribe to Microsoft Office for Business yourself)

SCREENSHOT 1: Microsoft Power BI sales chart

SCREENSHOT 2: Payroll (from time sheet in Excel spreadsheet to salary slips in Word document)


  • The use of conditional formatting in Excel easier for visual comparison:
  • I will also make the best use of PivotTable and PivotChart:
  • I will also use Macro and VBA in Access if applicable.
  • Work with MS-Office 365 (Version 2016), 2010, 2007.

Please feel free to reply below or PM me.