Freedom within

have you peace of mind?

000 :eyeglasses:

No, I can’t remember what peace of mind feels like. It’s one thing I’d like to have.

I don’t think anyone has complete peace of mind,

Its almost impossible.

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I strive for peace every day…sometimes I have it, sometimes I don’t…hope and peace can save us.

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Only fragments and flashes, later realizations.

True constant peace of mind seems like something monks would strive for

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I found piece of mind finding out that my voices were not real and I’m asking my doctor if it’s possble for a med increase tomorrow. more piece of mind

No, I doubt that will ever happen for me. Something will always be eating at me. It settles down momentarilly, but that’s all I get.

I have a mind in pieces. Good thing for Craaaazeeeee Glue.

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