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I’ve been struggling with thought broadcasting for the past few months. I saw my psychiatrist about 6 weeks ago for a med adjustment. But it seems to have had no effect at all. I’m on Risperdal.

I’m having this weird experience where people are responding to my personal thoughts, out loud. Like they’re actually saying it. I also find that if think something negative about someone, it has actual negative repercussions. Like the person will actually get upset with me. They say or do something mean towards me, and I end up feeling embarrassed, but all I did was think something about them.

Because of this, I feel like I have no freedom in my mind. No privacy. I always have to be watchful of what I think or something bad will happen.

Do thoughts have any effect on reality in this way?
How soon after a med adjustment, are the effects supposed to take place?


If you are really brain inflamed this gets pretty bad. I have it too but less, due to various treatments, but it is still there.

I used to think people could read my mind when I was delusional. It’s just schizophrenia. It’s not real. It’s all just coincidence. You probably will need another med adjustment or medication switch if you did a med adjustment six weeks ago and your still having these delusions. At least you are objective enough to question your thoughts on this.

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Yes something similar. I’ve also had the thought police where I’d hear police sirens in my head and a few times I had visions of cop cars in my head. I’m so tired of this. I feel like the walls are closing in on me and when I die the demons and voices are going to drag me to hell.

Yes!! I have the same thing. I have no privacy at all with my thoughts everything I think is being said aloud and people can hear me. It’s so frustrating.


I truly hope it gets better for you. But I’m glad to see I’m not alone. It is a truly frustrating experience indeed. I’m going to be seeing my pdoc again soon for help.

Ditto, your not alone! Sometimes I feel my inner thoughts are being said out loud by others and that they are reading my mind!

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And what an odd experience it is… I hope we all overcome this.

I am experiencing this as well. The lack of personal space sucks and seems very real. Doctors say not possible so. :unamused: :pleading_face: :heart:

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May I ask what your career direction you were pursuing when you had your breakdown?

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Hi. Do you mind if I ask, how long have you been experiencing this? And did it just begin out of the blue for you?

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No it has been about 12 years now and yes it kind of came out of the blue. Are you told it is not possible as well?

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My psychiatrist has never told me it is not possible. He has never said that it is either.

He seems pretty open to the ideas I present on the matter. But, of course, the overall goal is try and make it all stop.

For me when I think back, I think it has been happening gradually over the years since I was younger, but I simply didn’t notice it. I only became ‘aware’ that people can apparently hear me about two years ago.

I’ve been told it is outright not possible. If it were possible then maybe I could have built good coping mechanisms for it but instead I spent years telling myself it isn’t possible while it happens consistently. Doctors and family agree so from now on I just accept that its all delusion and hallucination. Hope the next medication regime is a good one. :thinking: :woozy_face: :pleading_face:

I choose to believe it is delusion as well. That is why I trust that I will find the right medication and dosage, and that it will come to an end. I’m sure you will as well🙂

Before, the fact that my doctor wouldn’t just outright tell me that “no, it is not possible” would stress me out. But in retrospect, I suspect he just doesn’t want to upset me by disagreeing with my unusual beliefs. I think that’s his tactic.

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Thank you @findingthecure. Hopefully, balance and happiness will come.

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