Freedom of speech

Taking back the night with a fight

Hearing those voices
Oh those familiar noises
Suddenly filled with fright
Yes, just another night
The memories, flashbacks and nightmares
Are all still there
How could they do this to me
I am told they are called family
I can finally see myself
I must put this pain on a shelf
Never to pick up again
Now I will begin
Setting fire to this place inside
No more can it hide

A freedom
No more need to run
Taking back my power
I will never cower
You may not believe me
But you’ve never experienced my PTSD
No more blood and tears
It is me they should now fear
For I am now awake
My mind and body really did not break
Freedom of speech
Is now proud to be me


Nice! Sounds like victory to me. Keep on fighting!

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Very nice @anon98519533!

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Thanks for likes and feedback :hugs:.

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Oh happy cake day @disciple :hugs:

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