Freedom of ill's

freedom of ill’s is the key and ive the key and the lock

sadness in my eyes no one guessed no one tried

Aw come’on, 45 minutes isn’t allowing us enough time to give an answer,
although I know when you’re the one waiting, minutes are like dog years - for every one year in a human’s life, it is the equivalent of 7 years to a dog.

But okay, I’ll give it a shot,
do you mean,
that to be free of ill’s,
the lock represents a persons self imprisonment, rather than by any actual restrictions placed by others,
and the key that you hold to opening the door,
is by not thinking you are imprisoned, and walking out into freedom?

i got over it, what did i get over ?

I give.

What did you get over?

a mountain called Mental illness?

Did I get it??

(yeah, and now I’m stuck at the bottom)

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when was the start?