Free travel destination ? where would you go?

I want to visit Russia. I am in Canada and have already visited Cuba, Syria, US NY Times Square, Netherlands, Germany, Italy.


Oh also I want to visit my cousins in Sweden.

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I’d fly down the street and buy some milk. It’s been two days since I had to pour a gallon down the sink.

I would visit Japan first. I’m amazed by the achievement the Japanese have, especially their science and industry.

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I would also like to go back to Japan and see more cities as well as Tokyo and Nikko again of course :slight_smile:

Bora Bora
Or Antarctica

Hawai or New Zealand.

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Yes, or New Zealand

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I don’t know. It’s a big choice. The problem with it is that I would take my self with me.

I don’t want to be anywhere other than in the Rocky Mountains. Would like to live there.

I would tour the USA ! so many things to see there.
New york, LA, San Fransisco, Disneyland in Orlando, yosemite park, death valley, silicon valley, etc…
(I’m from France)

For me it would be Greece. The birthplace of democracy, physics, modern medicine, realistic art… For me it has it all.

My sister and I are talking about going there when covid-19 is under control

I can hardly wait til covid is over so I can visit northeast and northwest U.S. by tour bus.

Then, I will fly to Spain and Ireland. Next, I will fly to Israel.

Then, I might travel to Mexico or England. Mexico is long overdue.

I really don’t have much desire to travel, but wouldn’t say no to returning to my home country of New Zealand. So beautiful and laid back.



Many technologies that China possess are from 日本。

东京 is one of the most urbanized cities on Earth.

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I wanna visit lions in Zimbabwe lol

My brother and his friends went to Greece. They have nudist islands and beaches lol

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@Aziz I’m just going to pass on the nude beaches LOL

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