Free iq tests

Not if it’s not a speed test and you didn’t learn the right answers in between the two test sessions.

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Online IQ tests are a sham. IQ itself is highly contested as a concept because it has incredibly racist and cultural biasing to it. Intelligence is far too complex.

More so, online tests in particular are bad because there is no way of verifying that nothing occurred to influence the results of the tests other than the test taker taking it. That’s why you are typically given IQ tests so far apart in real life, even. Childhood and adult. To test too frequently would give an artificial boost simply due to testing similar questions repeatedly. Online IQ tests have no way of verifying how many times a test has been taken by a single individual. This screws with their results, period.

I guarantee you there is no racial or cultural bias in that Mensa test

IQ tests focus on academic abilities primarily. That is inherently biased by design.

Check out the test, there’s nothing academic on it or even language

I’m not being argumentative. Maybe it’s due to poor comprehension skills but you’re misreading what was said re the random factor. Of course the answers to the question are valid but an IQ test shouldn’t give you the same kind of score answering it randomly as answering it as accurately as you can.

I know you have a problem with me, but you really do need to learn that not everything is about the desire to be argumentative.

It’s just that I’m more than intelligent enough to have an opinion on the matter and I’m choosing to voice it .

I’m not saying you’re dumb, firemonkey. I just think you’re inaccurately gauging your level of expertise and that you have a stubborn personality.

Oh, and let’s not forget there’s not really an agreed upon option for the blind either because many of the tests require pictoral or sight-heavy components (e.g., Raven’s). Biased.

I had to guess but those were educated guesses, I think those should count. If you don’t want to guess then choose skip

It’s so fun to read :smile:

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Also, those who tend to overvalue IQ tend to also have problematic POV’s regarding other cultures’ intelligence levels and whether or not that inherently makes one group better than the other. There is no upside to IQ testing at all.

Just cause someone can’t take the test doesn’t mean that the test doesn’t have some value, if only for entertainment

I don’t like iq tests they are scams

It does mean it’s biased.

These are free tests!

They give you vague information

Online IQ tests will never be as accurate as ones administered by a professional. They also observe how you solve the puzzles and such.

Plus, online IQ tests, especially the Mensa ones, seem to focus on few kinds of intelligence, and if you’re lacking in that area, your score goes way down.

A professional measured me to 126, I could never score past 115 on the Mensa test.

Source: my father is a psychologist. He’s told me this several times.


It’s not biased if someone can’t take it at all. It’s biased if it gives someone an advantage over another

I never said I was an expert though I’m undoubtedly as much as an expert as you, and as for being dumb- of course I’m not. I just have a spiky profile where I’m very intelligent in some ways(verbally) and have a learning deficit in another(non-verbal).
As two non experts and as two intelligent people we disagree . Even experts don’t always agree. Witness the long running debate over how much schizophrenia is caused by environmental or genetic factors.

Entirely excluding a chunk of individuals will inherently bias the results.