Free housing question

Anyone knows housing programs for homeless people. My grandmother is acting delusional and chaotic to the point I’m ready to leave. She thinks I’m lying all the time. So I’m not into the group homes. If anything I’ll find a trap house if it came down to it. I’m in the Chicago land area. I’m looking for housing not a halfway house or anything of that nature. I have one lead. I’m ready to move out and start a new life. That’s my next focus because she’s unstable and making threats. I’m just trying not to have an episode and she’s usually the trigger. I just want to leave without saying a word. I want her to know how unrealistic she was acting this morning but I can’t tell her anything. I don’t want to stay with anyone. No female or males right now. I need my own place. It’s that time anyways.

If you’re receiving disability you can rent a room for cheap and share kitchen and bathroom with others for about $400. A one bedroom basement without sharing is more expensive but i could get one here where I live for around $650. Disability pays 1000 so it’s do-able. Not sure about the cost situation where you’re located though.

You can also look into group homes. I was paying $550 for a room in a group home before where 3 meals were provided for that price. Made some good friends there too.

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