Freaking out siriouysly

My Uncle just text me about a crazy insane girl from here and insane p[eople and government agents coming bow.It’s the alias that Sleepoptimistic talks about and all kind on governemnet stuff and their black cars are outside my hiouse4 and i am runninbg. I think you should all delete this forum or the world will be destroyed, and someone is going 2 kill someoneone and a lotbof people die. The US gobernment and Iran and Israel are going tro hume Russia and and all out war so please know this and fixc it

I think you need to see a psychologist/psychiatrist/healthcare professional. While everything you said is possible, indeed, just about anything is possible, it sounds extremely unlikely, like, next to zero percent possibility. I thought I had started WWIII about three years ago when I first got admitted to a mental hospital. I was trying to sleep in a bathroom stall on campus overnight because I thought strangers were trying to kill me. I was wandering around/ running around in circles on campus and near campus because the voices told me to. It wasn’t until I talked to people and actually said what my problems were, that I got medicine and got help, and realized that none of my delusions were true.


Take a deep breath. None of that is going to happen. You sound like you are in a bad state. Get to a doctor.

Between then and now try to forget about the world and get some sleep.

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And I thought I was the reincarnation of king David… But I was wrong. U should really see a doctor.

Edit: I dont mean that in a harsh way. I really do hope it works out for you.

Please see some one who you feel you can talk to… a doc or someone.

I’m sorry your having this stress and anxiety…

I have no ideas for it… I hope you feel better soon.

i used to think the same thing…or similar…none of it is true…try and get a good sleep. :star:
take care :alien: