Freaking out. please help

I been having anxiety and depression for 6 years now. I am now 22 years old and believe I am becoming schizophrenic. I do not hear voices or see things, I think I maybe just being paranoid. But I need help. I don’t hear things clearly or see things but every once in awhile I think I hear whisper here and there. Am I just being paranoid? or could I become schizophrenic out of nowhere? I keep getting myself mini panic attacks every time I think I hear something.

im not sure if you would know you have become schiz, you might just be worrying a lot or being hypervigilant?
when i had my first episode i had no idea i was having a psychotic episode i thought everyone else was sick and i was enlightened

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I think I’m being really paranoid && hypervig… idk but im really scared *& freaking out… I keep thinking im hearing whispers n stuff… My mom n boyfriend think im just "freaking myself out " :frowning:
I’ve been freaking out about this for about a week now… But never seen, clearly heard, or actually thought or believed delusional things

just try to relax, drink some calming tea and just listen to some good music to take your mind off it


I’m trying… but every time I do, I think I hear something, have a mini panic attack && get edgy all over again… Schizophrenia is a HUGE FEAR of mine && if I developed it I think I’d kill myself… I couldn’t live with all the things it comes with

Michael Foucault claimed hypochondria was a subspecies of anxiety.

If you’re concerned, you should see a psychiatrist.

I have been seeing one for 6 yrs now, & have been diagnosed with hypochondria… I also recently told him about my fear of becoming schizophrenic, he didnt seem concerned. He just upped my meds. (Lexapro/buspar)

Well there you go. You’re probably just overreacting as a condition of your own illness.

As for killing yourself if you did happen to be diagnosed as schizophrenic, the rest of us manage to cope with it everyday and many have lives worth living.


I’m pretty sure im just freaking myself out… its just the thought of hearing && seeing things, having delusions, its just way too much :frowning:

It’s a lot for anyone to handle. It sounds like you have your own problems to deal with; losing touch with reality doesn’t seem to be one of them.

No one here can diagnose you, though.

i hope you feel better tomorrow…do things that will help you relax tonight…do things that have helped before…anxiety can be so devistating…hang in there

Thanks for the advice guys. I’m feeling a bit betterrrr💋


I would go and get an evaluation from a good center if it would ease your mind. Here are some lists of good centers that can help: